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Film Business Consultancy

Helping producers, investors and talent from strategic film development to distribution & sales.

About Us



Our Vision

Film and business are often seen as completely separate entities. It's usual to find passionate film projects without a clear awareness of the market and market-tailored projects that lack passionate storytelling. At Strong Wind Films, we believe both aspects need to coexist. We make business by making creative filmmaking a business.

Our Mission

Strong Wind FIlms is a Film Business Consultancy focused on helping producers, investors and talent to navigate the business side of film production, from strategic film development to distribution and sales.


Our goal is to help film creators to achieve their creative goals while creating sustainable business growth for production companies and a financial return for investors.

Who We Are

Founded by Alberto Sedano (MSc in Media Business Management), a film professional with 10+ years of experience in production, distribution and sales. His industry experience ranges from arthouse independent films to major-studio big-budget blockbusters, working with companies based in London, Los Angeles and Madrid.              


He is a Berlinale Talents alumni and has worked as a Project Evaluation Expert at Public Funding Programs, Co-production Forums and WIP Film Markets.

What We Offer




Strategic Film Development

We believe every film project needs a tailored Strategic Plan to achieve its creative and financial goals. Designing this plan at the Development Stage guarantees the highest chances of success whilst optimising available funding. 

Business Plans

We work together with producers, investors and production companies in designing Business Plans that increase confidence in the projects' success, mitigate risks and fully maximize funding opportunities and revenue.

Tax Rebates & Public Funding

As part of our Business Plan services, we help film producers and investors to identify Tax Rebates / Credits and Public Funding opportunities available for film projects and companies.

Public Funding Applications

Our experience as Project Evaluation Experts provides us with a strong insight into how a Public Funding Application should be drafted. We assess the weakness and strengths of every project, making sure the strengths are highlighted and the weakness reinforced in order to increase the chances of success.

Film Distribution & Sales

We design tailored distribution and sales plans for film content, aiming to reach the film's widest audience whilst maximizing revenue. We also work with repertory films, bringing them back to digital life through 4K scanning of the original negatives and digital restoration. 

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